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Organised Climate Change Denial - or What?

The New York Times published a 'map' of 'organised climate change denial', which is supposed to be 'winning' because of the deep pockets and superior organisation of the hidden movers and shakers in the fossil fuel industry. As I showed before, the Australian fossil fuel industry alone is funding the climate alarmists to the tune of a billion dollars. I would be very much surprised if Andrew C. Revkin, author of the latest piece of work at NYT, can identify even a tenth of that much money spent worldwide on the skeptic side of the argument. In other words, pot - kettle - black.

But in the comments, this neat summary of the whole scare appeared:

Adrian O State College, PA October 3rd, 2011 1:04 pm

I am a mathematical physicist.

A year and a half ago I started to look for actual measured data, which I certainly can read, to find out what is really going on with the anthropogenic global warming.

It took about 50 hours of digging to find the actual data (which is one of the reasons, I suppose, for which so few people have seen it.)

It showed nothing unusual whatsoever.

In temperatures, sea level rise, ice, glaciers rate of melt.

When looked at historically.

All the unusual things were in "adjustments",

  • 10C warming imagined in the unmeasured Arctic,
  • serious imagined warming of the unmeasured deep oceans (which does not translate, through dilation, into unusual sea level rise at the top.)
  • Trees with unreliable ring thickness in the last, measured, 60 years, which are imagined to be perfectly reliable a thousand years ago.
  • Glaciers which, when measured, are melting at the same rate as 60 and 120 years ago. With earlier melting natural and current identical melting imagined to be man made.
  • Tornado and hurricane activity which, when counted, is weaker than 50 years ago.

The people obsessed with the extra 100 ppm of CO2 = 1/100 of 1% of the atmosphere put up by humans have never made a case. Other than in imagined models, which as far as real science goes, if they don't agree with reality are junk.

In other words, there is nothing to deny in the first place.

Where exactly does that put me on that list?

Exactly my experience, holding both physics and mathematics qualifications. I don't believe the scare for the drop dead simple reason: no one will be so kind as to show me any evidence for it.

Come on, this should be a no brainer. Glaciers melt, yes, but they uncover a Roman mine that was buried by the glacier in the past 2,000 years - meaning the glacier wasn't there 2,000 years ago. Temperatures simply aren't exceptional. Not hotter than a thousand years ago, not hotter than 2,000 years ago, lots less hot than 8,000 years ago. CO2 is near to an all-time low in the history of the planet - and nearly fell to the disastrous 150ppm at which photosynthesis stops and the entire planet's plants die or stop growing, followed by the deaths of all animals, ourselves included. Hello? Why are these shocking facts being simply ignored, as if they didn't exist?

Science doesn't work like that. Only one thing works like that: Bad religion: religion based on obscurantism and authority rather than upon the love of the divine Spirit.

Be warned. Be afraid. A new dark age is coming ruled by an evil godless religion, one of whose branches is a completely fake 'environmentalism' that does nothing whatever for real living plants and wild animals. They say they love wildlife? Then why erect wind farms, known for a fact to cause health problems in humans, known for a fact to kill birds and to explode bats from the inside out, upon the most pristine wildlife areas of our planet? If low frequency noise creates sickness in people, why on earth won't it do the very same thing in every single animal of comparable body size that lives near a wind farm? Of course it will. Environmentalists are creating billions, untold, uncounted billions, of sick, suffering animals worldwide, and they don't care one bit. The wind farms don't work and they need coal or other fossil fuel backups, but even that doesn't faze them. The symbol, the empty symbol of the fan blowing in the breeze, not feeding any worthwhile energy into the grid but validating them as "good people" and thereby feeding their preening self righteousness - that is all that matters to them.

Every single one of us has a choice: Get lots of kudos as a good, green, environmentally conscious citizen but do absolutely no genuine good whatever and lots of harm, or become a rebel: be insulted and libeled in the New York Times and many other places, be called a stooge of right wing think tanks, be accused of being in the pay of "Big Oil", be threatened with death (in the 10:10 video), be threatened with death in the Australian mainstream media, but do some actual good by opposing the destructive rubbish that poses as real science and causes real harm to real people and real animals.

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