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Elements of Peace Obstacles to Peace
Human Psychology and Peace The Nature of Reality
The Climate Change Scam The Science of Global Warming

Posting Rules

This site is devoted to finding solutions that are in agreement with the Principle of Goodness: Don't deliberately harm any innocent, and always try to benefit everyone. Anything that helps clarify issues or advances the argument whilst bearing this in mind is acceptable; for example:

  • proposals, ideas, questions etc. that address any issue in a way consistent with the Principle of Goodness;
  • any attempt to uncover relevant truth or facts;
  • exploring consequences of ideas;
  • discussion of the Principle itself, including criticism of it, provided criticism advances the discussion with reasons or argument.

Posts that will not be permitted include:

  • irrelevancies - things completely off-topic;
  • defamation, insults, abusive language, etc.
  • material that dilutes the value of the discussion by not providing reasons; for example, "me too" posts, "that's silly but I'm not saying why" posts etc.
  • advertising and using posts as excuses for inserting links to material that is not relevant to the discussion.


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