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Human Psychology and Peace The Nature of Reality
The Climate Change Scam The Science of Global Warming


The Love of Truth

It is a sad fact, I suspect, that we are in a very tiny minority, those of us who love truth and are prepared to seek it no matter how it disturbs our comfort zone.

The Trouble with Ideologies

It may be that some of the most important aspects of peace are quite invisible.

Reality Matrix

There is a real world out there - and in here (meaning within ourselves), an ever-developing dance of the objective and the subjective. The objective - the 'world out there', the bricks and mortar, the ideologies, religions, the living planet, the universe at large - and the subjective - the immediacy of the Self, awareness, sentience, imagination, emotion, thought, rationality - these two dance together throughout the ages; in one life, in many, in archetypal images, in secret thoughts. But make no mistake, this play of inner and outer reality is reality.

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