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Reality Matrix

There is a real world out there - and in here (meaning within ourselves), an ever-developing dance of the objective and the subjective. The objective - the 'world out there', the bricks and mortar, the ideologies, religions, the living planet, the universe at large - and the subjective - the immediacy of the Self, awareness, sentience, imagination, emotion, thought, rationality - these two dance together throughout the ages; in one life, in many, in archetypal images, in secret thoughts. But make no mistake, this play of inner and outer reality is reality. And reality is one fabric, even if it contains many threads.

Whilst we all try to build bridges with those whose world views differ greatly from our own, nonetheless, as the great physicist and thinker Richard Feynman said "Nature cannot be fooled." We cannot let fallacies stand. If we act on mistaken ideas, we won't come up with the best solutions, or with workable solutions at all. So the better we can cooperate to understand the universe we live in, the better - and trying to do this is in itself a peace-building exercise, as we have to learn to understand each other, to learn from others' wisdom, even when it is expressed in ways we might find quite alien, and to offer our own insights in ways that help others to understand them within their perspective on reality.

This section will contain essays on reality as it relates to creating a legacy of peace. What do we need to know, or learn, or struggle to understand, if we are to take effective and constructive action to make a better world than the one we were born into? Contributions are very welcome. Let's try to understand reality together, to the farthest limits that the human mind and heart can reach.


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