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Great comment on human rights (by a G)

Reading the excellent The Australian, in particular a viewpoint regarding "LGBTIQ" (written by a G), I came across a remarkable comment, also from a G. Not entirely fair to a certain other culture, but completely on point regarding our own. Here is some of it:



It is good to be Gay, but only in Australia and other Western nations.

Gay men do not want to be female. I literally  worship my maleness and abhor and decry the loss of the 'male' in the heterosexual  community. The destruction of the male psyche in our so called progressive modern community is appalling and very dangerous.

Heed my words, this destruction of the family and societies protector and builder will come back to bite us all-  hard!  - and I do not want to be in that world when that happens!  

One thing I have come to realise like a slap in the face,  the alpha males (as a group) in Australia, pray to allah.

Why do I say that?

They, as a group,  have no fear, at least they are fighting for their ideology and way of life, putting our government resources to tremendous good use. Our males talk about masturbation classes in schools and banning labelling a straight married couple  Mr and Mrs. While we talk and moan about our so called Victorian political leader and utterly pathetic education minister adopting and institutionalising  marxist Ross Ward and her breathtakingly dangerous ' Safe Schools' program,  I can guarantee you, No Safe School Program  will infect any class room or library or lunch room or play ground in any  Australian islamic school.

If anyone thinks the islamic men in this country are meek and mild are truly deluded.

There is no cohesion in the gay community. For many decades I have tried to relate to my community and failed. I simply cannot identify being with a group who cry victim. It is, as a whole,  a community that celebrates victimhood.  Their constant in your face 'look at me, I am deliberately shocking you' has passed way beyond boredom  and in the end self destructing.

There is no need for us to hide any more, but the community still clings to the shadier side of its practises, sex in public toilets is the best example. Why?   I could never lower myself to that gutter trash and have never allowed myself to ever approve of it. I ask why?

The world is harsh and unkind. That should be taught in schools, not, everyone is a winner, here is a ribbon for coming last. We are destroying our children for the sake of what?

 I pay homage to people such as the protestors at the Stonewall pub in NYC once a year fighting the good fight to right society injustices. It is quite startling when you think about it,  how quickly our society brought change, but again mark my words;

Society would not have changed if it did not want to. If Stonewall was located in Riyadh, those protesters would have been hanging from  tree branches until the flesh rotted from their bones, as an example to all good and pious citizens of that utter hell hole.

I thank my straight friends for the protections they give me.

The ABC LGBT XYZ community should  be thanking the wider community every chance it gets. But no, no money in that, you see. Our Western Christian Judeo society does not approve of tree hangings and rotting flesh.  Lots of money in victimhood. I gave up donating anything  years ago. It is all questionable outcomes of dubious causes.  

There is not one single nation, country or ethnic group on this planet that cares for minority groups other than our Western nations with its hard fought for Western values and freedoms. These same values and freedoms the ABC LGBT XYZ leaders want to destroy and weaken.

Not a single country exists that protect any minority group anywhere near the lengths we go, most do not even bother with the most horrendous outcomes.

My greatest protection against bigotry and  hate crime is that Australia is a healthy wealthy Western Nation!  People who want a  society that is caring and sharing need to work to shoring up and strengthening our freedoms and western values, passing these values onto strong free thinking freedom loving children...

... and the grave concern I have, the one that keeps me awake at night, is we are not.


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Re: Great comment on human rights (by a G)

Big thanks for your work