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World votes to continue trading in species on verge of extinction

From The Times we have this shocking news:

Proposals to ban trade in bluefin tuna and polar bears were overwhelmingly rejected yesterday at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites), meeting in Doha, Qatar.

A plan for a 20-year ban on ivory sales, to protect African elephants, is also likely to fail in the coming days — partly because Britain and other members of the EU are refusing to support it. Delegates are instead expected to approve a weak compromise, which would encourage poaching by allowing the sale of ivory being stored by several African nations.

Feelings were running high yesterday about the failure of measures to protect endangered tuna. Only 20 of the 120 countries at the meeting voted to ban trade in the bluefin. Intensive lobbying by Japan, which consumes 80 per cent of Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin, meant that a snap vote was held before any debate on scientific reports that show a catastrophic decline in the largest of the tuna family.

So let's see if we get this right: A few months ago, Britain, the EU, and whatnot were all agog in Copenhagen trying to persuade the world's developed nations (including themselves) to destroy their own economies in what was clearly a pointless exercise to stop a non-problem (since global warming is good and isn't happening anyway). And who was the poster child for the faux bleeding hearts? The poor old POLAR BEAR. But come a real opportunity to help the polar bear, what do these same countries do?

Do you see what I see?

Money and power.

The fake global warming scare: opportunity to introduce new taxes on international commerce and on things people want and need to do to live their daily lives, along with an international unelected bureaucracy to override nations' democratic choices. They support it.

Banning the real danger to polar bears (since the prime cause of death is lead poisoning - i.e. the get shot): no money in it for them in taxes, and no way to spin a new power structure. They don't support it.

I don't know if you have noticed it, but most of the great human beings from Jesus to Gandhi seem to hate one thing more than outright evil: hypocrisy: pretending to do good. Maybe they know something?

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