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How to recognise the false religion

A word about the following: this is meant to highlight the extreme, paradigmatic central ideas animating the phenomenon of the false religion in its modern ("politically-correct") variant. It is not meant to describe any particular actual persons, except perhaps the very hardest-core ringleaders. All of us have some degree of belief in some doctrine(s) of the false religion, simply because we are all, in most of the world and especially the west, saturated in it from birth onwards. It would be a miracle if anyone escaped unscathed. We are assaulted with it in every mainstream newscast, every mainstream newspaper. The false religion is the establishment!

The first (but not the most obvious) thing about the false religion is the belief in what I term 'annihilating functions' (AF). These are beliefs that have the function of annihilating hope and positive interpretations of statements and events. For example, the general AF that no one ever does anything that is not in their own interests. This belief annihilates placing a positive interpretation on even the most altruistic act. Why did he give his life to save that child - because he knew he would feel so bad later on if he did not. That is how it works, and it is inherently unscientific because it cannot be disproved. Do we choose to do what we choose to do? Of course! So in one sense we must have preferred the choice we actually made, so in one sense the annihilating function is correct. But on the other hand, people can and do freely choose to do things they very much do not prefer. Altruism really exists, good people really exist, we really can feel good about people, about life, about friendships, and about our community. It isn't all bad. Don't buy into annihilating functions.

Other characteristics of the mental attitude of the false religion are well-known to us all. There is no defensible reason for any of these, but challenging one of them will get you any amount of trouble. They include:

  • hatred of humanity, vs love for 'the environment' - but this love seldom manifests as actual concern for real living individual animals; the non-human world is usually bulk-itemed in terms like "the environment" and "species loss";
  • hatred of those who earn their money, the bourgeois, 'capitalists', 'big business' (this is apart from the fact that some in these groups undoubtedly do a lot of evil things; being in these categories attracts criticism before anyone enquires about any wrongdoing that might be underway);
  • hatred of whites (i.e. anti-white racism); it is commonly taken to the extreme of even denying that this is indeed racism;
  • hatred of males;
  • hatred of heterosexuality, and 'normality' in general;
  • hatred of the west, and America in particular;
  • a continuing belief that the true believers are the outer, marginalised, disempowered, whilst the reality is that they are already in close to full control and can wreck the lives of their victims with ease (but victims are seldom those who know them for what they truly are, they are usually naive innocents who stumble into violating one of the strictures of the false religion and who can probably be counted on for a choking, tear-filled mea culpa when their innocent mistake is denounced);
  •  the belief in annihilating functions is often expressed in the formula: everything is about power;
  •  a belief that one's beliefs about reality are moral issues: that it is immoral to disbelieve an approved statement about reality or to believe an unapproved one; this is usually (and irrationally) associated with the idea that we 'each have our own reality', or have 'our own ways of knowing', or our own 'knowledge' (e.g. 'women's ways of knowing', 'feminist physics', 'Newton's Principia is Newton's rape manual', the villainising of skepticism about global warming, and so on); those of us who are still sane, however, know that reality is what it is and it is best if we know what it is whether we like it or not;
  • hatred of the past, previous generations, accumulated human wisdom, etc. (e.g. 'dead white males' - an insult that 100% tells you about the speaker, not the spoken-of);
  • hatred of any form of earned recognition, such as status, position in a 'system', etc.; paradoxically, this archetypal 'religion of equality' keeps on throwing up 'supreme leaders' who are heaps more 'equal' than the rest of us;
  • the idea that humanity, and even reality itself, can be remade according to their idea of perfection; witness the failed collectives that were based on the idea that natural human self-interest can be abolished in favour of perfect altruism, and the current astounding promulgation of the global warming fallacy, as if the very physics of the solar system can be changed if enough people believe hard enough.

In its primal essence, the false religion is the Religion of the Lie, reborn in terms that are intellectually believable in the twenty-first century.

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