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There's Hope for Us Yet - Climate Change Propaganda Failing Badly

The Science Museum, dilapidated remnant and travesty of the imaginative Great Exhibition conceived by Victoria's Prince Albert and others, has humiliated itself thoroughly in front of the world by supporting the "Climate Change" fraud. On their website, they splash the usual rubbish and offer readers a chance to COUNT ME IN (or OUT) of leveraging the Government to sign up to wrecking the western economies at the Copenhagen summit.

But lookie here! What are those numbers in faint green showing the poll totals so far? It couldn't be: IN 785, OUT 5,392, could it? I do believe it could. Of course, if they run true to the usual shamelessly dishonest form of the shysters, we can expect to hear soon that there's a "software glitch" and the totals shown are wrong. (The ABC in Australia ran a poll some time back, and when it gave the 'wrong' answers they deleted the entire poll and tried to pretend it never happened.)

But let's use those figures while they still show on the site. A quick calculation shows that the total "COUNT ME IN" vote is just short of 12.7% percent (COUNT ME OUT being 87.3%). I attended a course run by my former employer some decade or so ago, and I recall the presenter informing us that it had been found, as a matter of experiment, that almost any proposition regarding beliefs about things that were not directly observable or for which the subject had no personal involvement, no matter how harebrained, would almost invariably score at least 12%. In other words 12% was normally the minimum score for any opinion poll falling much short of "Do you want to be shot at dawn?" So, appearing on a website that is propaganda pure and simple, that result is quite remarkable. 12% for the unpersuadable, a few tenths of a percent for the hoaxsters who will make billions out of running the carbon trading schemes, and maybe a few tenths of a percent more for reasonable people who are still under the spell of the deceivers. As I said, there's hope for us yet. Politicians please take note: People are wising up to your scam.

This is the more remarkable considering that the truth on this subject is virtually censored from the mainstream media, bar a few  exceptions such as The Australian. The Science Museum site is as dishonest as most of the rest of them, and that smoking chimney on their front page belching all that 'pollution' into the air is one example. Having boasted that they "have examined the evidence", they are clearly already aware that the CO2 in that photo is invisible, and the smoke is a combination of water, which is the vast majority of the atmospheric greenhouse gasses (and also the one no one can do anything about) and particulate matter, which is genuine pollution and should be abated, but which has nothing to do with taxing the west for its "crime" in fertilising crops in the third world with extra CO2 nutrient. Naive viewers are expected to mistake the 'orrible smoke for the nasty CO2. The fact that people are aware of the deception and vote against it speaks volumes for a rising tide of anger against the incessant lying.

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Re: There's Hope for Us Yet - Climate Change Propaganda ...

I have found this statement on the Science Museum web site:

Between Friday 23 and Wednesday 28 October the poll associated with Prove It! was manipulated through repeat voting. This was undertaken by those who wanted to be “counted in” and those who wanted to be “counted out” from the statement: "I've seen the evidence. And I want the government to prove they're serious about climate change by negotiating a strong, effective, fair deal at Copenhagen." As a result, to the best of our knowledge, the duplicate votes cast during this period were removed. Internet polls face this risk and the Science Museum has implemented additional security measures to reduce this risk.

5984 individual votes were cast: 764 to counted in and 5220 to counted out. (Correct as at 16.20 Wednesday 28 October)

So it seems that the vote against their position is still being recognised after they have done their cleanup. So unless and until proven otherwise, I am assuming they are running an honest poll.