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Inscrutable Government Policies

What is the common factor in all these recent issues in Australia:

1. An ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) to reduce carbon emissions and which will ruin the economy and add huge expenses to every single person in the  country;

2. Digging up prime agricultural land to provide coal for China to emit huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, and in the process ruining the standard of living of the rural people, and polluting the water supply and polluting food with heavy metals;

3. Refusing to allow people to cut trees around their residences, resulting in hundreds of preventable bushfire deaths?

It isn't the environment: number 2 will wreck that. It isn't maintaining our standard of living: number 1 will wreck that. It isn't carbon emissions (even if you buy the global warming hoax): again, number 2 will wreck that. It isn't human life: number 3 will wreck that.

There is only one common feature to all these actions by the very same people: Each one oppresses and harms ordinary battlers trying to live a decent life.

That should tell you something about the people pursuing these policies. For heaven's sake, wake up Turnbull, oppose all ETS schemes and we'll be just as wealthy without more coal mining.

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Re: Inscrutable Government Policies

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