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Kiribati President blames Australians for not knowing climate change science - but doesn't know it himself!

"Our", "Your", whatever, ABC has just shown another beatup interview to attack the Abbott government, this time with the President of Kiribati, Anote Tong. The trigger was a joke told by Immigration minister Peter Dutton: "Time doesn't mean anything when you're about to have water lapping at your door."

Now before we get to point of this post, let's just think about that for a microsecond or two: Does anyone really think - really, really think - that if a labor/green politician had said it, it would even be reported, let alone blown up into a national issue when we are involved in a war to stop one of the world's most evil movements ever from beheading people, crucifying them or enslaving and raping them? Seriously? Then get your head examined.

But what does "Our" ABC do? This:

Kiribati president lashes Peter Dutton for 'vulgar' joke about rising sea levels in Pacific, urges action on climate change

"Vulgar"? On a network that fakes pictures of its 'enemies' having sex with an animal? Time the ABC "journalists" crawled back to the sewer they obviously came from.

So much for the obscene, biased, dishonest ABC. But before I get to my main point about this clown of a president, perhaps a few moments for some facts might be in order? From no less than National Geographic, themselves alarmist activists, who cannot by any stretch of absurdity be regarded as likely to minimise Tuvalu's problems, Tuvalu’s main atoll, Funafuti—33 islands distributed around the rim of a large lagoon—has gained 75 acres (32 hectares) of land during the past 115 years.

So maybe Peter Dutton knows this? Maybe, like Tony Abbott, he knows catastrophic global warming is a load of crock, but prefers not to say so? (No, I don't agree with that, I think Abbott should be trumpeting the absurdity of this hoax from the rooftops, but if Dutton agrees with him, his remark might simply have been a joke about the foolishness or dishonesty of Anote Tong.)

But the worst of all this is that this president, be he clown or liar - take your pick - accuses Australian politicians of not studying the "science" of climate change, when he hasn't studied it himself!

From his interview today on ABS News 24:

I'm sure the science is not that complicated.

He's sure? Doesn't he know? Wouldn't anyone who had looked at "the science" and thought it wasn't complicated, simply say "The science is not that complicated"? All this beatup, all these accusations over many years from this man, all his accusations and demands for "action" and reparations, and he hasn't even looked at "the science" for himself - but Peter Dutton, OOOOHH, so evil of that man not to have done so.

The truth is, of course, the science is not that complicated. The global warming theory predicts a tropospheric heating trend (it is cooling), more water in the upper atmosphere (there is less) and less radiation to space (there is more). Three predictions, three failures, theory disproved. So yes, in all likelihood Peter Dutton has looked at the uncomplicated science and come to the correct conclusion - hence his ridicule of a self-serving buffoon.

UPDATE: And this afternoon, the hollow man, Bill Shorten, is spouting his usual self-serving nonsense about the government "not taking climate change seriously". And he and other empty fraudsters like him will keep on getting away with it too, until finally some government somewhere - I wish it were ours, but they are proving too gutless - finally takes this greatest fraud ever perpetrated in the history of humanity and blasts it into nonexistence with nuclear bomb loads of scientific evidence.

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Re: Kiribati President blames Australians for not knowing ...

its pathetic!!! and quite humorous at the same time. with this statement he has given the best chance to opposition to talk against him!
he should have shown some maturity.