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Lord Monckton in Brisbane

I attended the Brisbane leg of Lord Monckton's Australian tour last week. The Irish Club was packed. I tried to estimate capacity and got up to around 400, but as the talk started crowds poured in and a standing crowd filled the space between the seats and the back wall. While the crowd swelled, Lord Monckton took the opportunity to introduce himself to attendees.

Lord Monckton greeting the crowd 

Lord Monckton's speech was, as would be expected, very similar to the one given at Melbourne, which you can view on Wattsupwiththat here. But the event had a short introduction by Bob Carter, Research Professor at James Cook University Townsville and also at Adelaide University. Then Ian Plimer, Professor of Geology at Adelaide, gave a half-hour introduction to the Earth's climate. (In the photo below, that's Bob Carter at the mike and Ian Plimer at the white table.)

Bob Carter at the mike, Ian Plimer at the table 

Plimer is a principled person who risked (and lost on a technicality) his house taking creationists to court in order to protect schoolchildren from being misled by antiscience. His book on that topic (Telling Lies for God) is a classic. He has been content on this occasion to play the supporting role, but IMHO his talk was very informative and well-put, and I thought you might like to hear it.

Then, of course, Lord Monckton, who succeeds in being both funny and serious at the same time, gave his talk, similar to the one linked to above from Melbourne. 

Lord Monckton speaking beside his slide show. 

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Re: Lord Monckton in Brisbane

This is nice to hear that some people are thinking about our environment. Actually we have to do something more to save ourselves. We are just discussion but we need to take practical action.