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Same-sex marriage: What happened to "Best interests of the children"?

Back in the 1990s, the divorce industry had a roaring trade. And one of their stock arguments was "the best interests of the child". It was then claimed, contrary to evidence, that children always did better with their mother than with their father. Decent men were swindled out of contact with their children, even when the mother was proven violent, or a drug addict, and despite the fact that statistically, a female child is ten times safer from sexual violence with her natural father than with any other stand-in father figure. That didn't mean, of course, that there were no safe step-fathers or no unsafe natural fathers; it is just relative probability over large numbers.

But, as many of today's young adults can attest, such facts were ignored on a spurious 'best interest..." argument and they grew up without their fathers; today's young men, having seen the treatment meted out to their own fathers, typically are much less likely to even see any point in marriage.

But I remember thinking some years ago (not quite sure exactly when) I wondered "What happened to the huge rows about family court bias towards mothers? I haven't heard that 'best interests of the child' line for a very long time!"

It faded away. All the usual man-bashing media quietly dropped it. Why?

Well now we know.

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