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"Climate Change" - follow the money trail

While the ideologues and ethics-free financiers gather in Copenhagen to set up an unelected socialist world government (suits the former) that runs a scam "market" in an invisible and unaccountable "product" - carbon offsets (certainly suits the latter, who will find lots of opportunities there for mtaking money -ours!), we repeatedly hear the allegation that the "deniers" (meaning the ones who say the climate always changes and always will) are well financed by "Big Coal" whilst the ones who believe in "climate change" (i.e. who assert the climate was magically constant for two thousand years) are strapped for cash and always fighting against overwhelming odds.

Yes, the odds are overwhelming in one sense, because the "deniers" - meaning the realists - have truth on their side, whilst the "good guys" - meaning the ones trying to starve the planet of CO2 plant food and thereby send a billion people into starvation - don't.

But as for money, no, sorry. "Big Coal" finances the alarmists, not the realists. Here is part of a press release from Australian "Big Coal" (The Australian Coal Association):

4 December 2009

Australian Coal Association committed to action on Climate Change

The coal industry wants to see Australia address climate change as part of an international solution, the Executive Director of the Australian Coal Association (ACA), Mr Ralph Hillman said today.

The coal industry is committed to action on climate change and the industry is contributing a billion dollars over the next 10 years developing technology to cut carbon emissions from coal fired power stations by up to 90%.

“The ACA considers that an efficient market based carbon pricing mechanism should form part of Australia’s policy approach to address climate change, complemented by measures to stimulate research, development and deployment of low emissions technologies,” Mr Hillman said. “Preserving the competitiveness of Australia’s industry must be a central aim of this approach along with reducing emissions”.

Yes, you read that right: Australian "Big Coal" alone is financing the scam to the tune of a billion dollars. And why would they do that? It's very simple really: the energy needed to bury all that CO2 plant food where it won't do any good is scandalous, and requires around 40% more coal to power the sequestration (starve the peasants) process.

So while they blue-tack on their plastic halos and collect warm applause from all and sundry for promoting "clean" (ha ha) coal, they actually collect 40% more royalties for digging even more of the precious non-renewable stuff up, thereby wrecking 40% more pristine land in the process.

Boy, do they have people fooled. Hope you're not one of them!

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