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Climate Kooks Who Want to Ban Water - and Other Lunatics

As reported on CFACT, attendees to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Cancun, Mexico were fooled into signing a petition to ban water.

And, Oh Yes, also to reduce the U.S. GDP by 6%.

I have been asked, do I really think there is something 'religious' about all this. And my answer is Yes. But unlike many climate realists, I do not think this is limited to a few nutty eco-religionists. The "eco" part of it is just a subset - a big subset right now, for sure, but just a subset - of a malign influence in human affairs that goes back at least as far as the French revolution.

The idea, in a nutshell, is that "There must be a group to hate". From Robespierre to Marx, to Lenin and Stalin, to modern feminism and racial identity theory, this key, evil idea is resurrected after each failure and produces a new round of misery and death, but in the resurrection it comes with a new 'talking point'. With the fall of the Iron Curtain, economic and class warfare was exposed for the hateful nonsense it is, and freedom-loving people insisting on democracy and the right to own property. So the 'believers' quietly ceased talking economics and concentrated on their other irons in the fire: the evils of the male half of humanity, and on the evils of whites as compared with everyone else on Earth. Meanwhile they had dreamed up a new one: evil human industrial activity harming all the other living creatures.

The first major explosion of the eco-religion was the fallacious, most likely dishonest, book "Silent Spring", which successfully caused the banning of DDT and an ensuing estimated 40 million deaths from malaria. In eco-environmentalism, once again, there is the invitation to hate someone: the evil industrialist, or ourselves collectively, who live in western democracies with reasonably decent standards of living. But instead of inviting us to spread our standard of living and our freedom to those afflicted with poverty, disease, and totalitarian rulers, the eco-religion wants to subject us to their levels of general misery.

This absolutely must be understood as an overarching, evil phenomenon with many tentacles (communism, feminism, racial stereotyping, eco-suicide, etc.) rather than as an isolated nuttiness amongst fringe 'green' groups. This is because soon the absurdity of the AGW scare must be exposed. Just the same as communism was exposed! But many of us thought that the end of communism would be the end of suicidal stupidity by humans as a species. One even wrote a book about the End of History. Not so! The energies of the believers merely re-routed itself into other strands of the evil religion. Like the seven-headed, ten-horned Beast of the Book of Revelation, which suffered a mortal wound and was healed, so likewise the evil religion appeared to have been killed by the plain evidence of seventy years of lost life and lost happiness for the Eastern European peoples. And yet it lives on. The failure of the "grand experiment" was pushed out of sight and all energies were turned into racial and gender theorising.

But these two did not bear the fruit expected, and a word about each is necessary.

Feminism: Frankly, young women, in my experience, just don't have any time for the hard, fierce, firebranding of the now-old feminist leaders. Young women, by and large, know full well that they, not the man, will come out well ahead in any divorce proceedings in the English-speaking world or in all of Europe. Women are now much better educated, and male sexuality is viewed almost as criminal in itself, regardless of any male expression of it. And yet happiness eludes women in the feminist era, just as it eluded the proletariat in the time of their very own 'dictatorship'. It isn't a sudden crash in the style of the collapse of communism, but slowly the credibility of the feminist hate movement is fading.

As for racial theory, this is the one big failure on the scorecard of the evil religion. "Multiculturalism" was intended to be the theoretical demarcation separating the in-group (non-whites) from the out-group (whites); and no doubt many of the true believers still think it is working out that way. But good people by the millions around the world have used the idea of multiculturalism for a remarkable purpose: making friends and uniting people! Here in Toowoomba, the Toowoomba International Multicultural Association holds Chinese New Year events, Indian festival events, and a major Languages and Cultures Festival each year. Friendships, understanding, and enjoyment abound, without a single white being made to feel guilty, or a single crime of the white race getting a mention. The original hate purpose of multiculturalism has not been entirely destroyed - it keeps popping up in school curricula, for example, as white five-year-olds are made to feel guilty for some supposed acts 'they' committed two hundred years earlier when Captain Cook first sighted the Australian continent - but the ability of 'evil' multiculturalism to make headway has been resoundingly curtailed by the re-use of the idea by good people doing good things and generating happiness.

And so another head of the beast had to rear its ugly head - and so we have eco-environmentalism, which has taken over just about every 'green' party and environmental organisation on the planet, and is co-opting the energies of millions of good people away from doing things that actually help the environment (helping real live animals, putting CO2 plant food into the atmosphere) into things that harm both the environment and humans: destroying western industrial society, restricting injection of CO2 nutrient into the ecosystem, raising energy prices until people die of heat or cold (usually cold).

And these fruitcakes don't even know that dihydrogen monoxide is water! What more do you need to know to see clearly that their zeal is based on bad religion, not on good science?

The litmus test for the presence of the evil religion is group-based hate or guilt-mongering. Purely for being white, a naive child is made an example of in school, the place he or she should feel safe; merely for being human, a member of a tool-making, language-using, idea-generating species unique on Earth, nothing one does is acceptable except ceasing to act human and going without the results of the tools and the knowledge human intelligence has created. In eco-environmentalism the evil religion has created the ultimate hate movement: all of us hate all of us - or at least we are supposed to!

We have one big advantage this time around: The scam is based on provably false 'science', and therefore we know in advance that it must eventually collapse. When it does, we must not allow the poison of the hate religion to regroup somewhere else and start all over again. Communism was enough. Feminism was enough. Energy poverty and misery for the poorest and least powerful, whilst destroying the real source of food for humans and wildlife, this is far, far more than enough. We have seen the harvest that this terrible group-hate idea brings. Let us root it out from the human psyche once and for all.

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