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I've just been rude to some very 'nice' people

In response to this:

2015 ACT Arts Fund successful applicants

  • Aspen Island Theatre Company: $18,793 to assist with costs of the creative development of a new theatre work, 'Kill Climate Deniers'.

I was very rude (seriously!):

You people are disgusting scum. You know why.

(But because you're also lying hypocritical disgusting scum, I'll repeat it: $18,793 to promote killing people whose only "crime" is to know more than you do about science. See

I can do without government funded propaganda encouraging people to murder me and my family.

Instead of trying to wipe out your enemies by killing them, here's a novel idea: Do what no climate alarmist has ever done: have a fair debate about the science in an impartial, public forum. I'll be there - do you have the cojones to be there too? Or are you also cowardly lying hypocritical disgusting scum?

On Andrew Bolt's blog, a commenter asks:

Are these people mad? .....Yes they are, stark raving, insane mad.....and very dangerous to our way of life and general standard of living and they would install a totalitarian government in a heart beat to enact and then enforce their Green laws and lock up all transgressors. As I said, mad and dangerous.

But of course, these are 'nice' people, and because they are so 'nice', and so, "hey, we build bird and bat slaughtering wind farms to save the planet" type 'nice', they have a perfect right to be as murderously hateful as they please to those 'nasty' people like us who want wildlife areas to be left pristine and for wildlife to get more food from more plants due to more plant food in the atmosphere. We're just so 'nasty', the 'nice' people should just round us all up into a concentration camp and turn on the gasses. /sarc

Anyone who can't see the signs of the 1930s totalitarianism and mass murder starting up again, here in Australia, wake up.

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