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A Request for the Science of AGW Alarmism

An incisive comment posted by peter_dtm in answer to a typically naive GW piece at the Telegraph:

Comment by peter_dtm:

Another ecofascist telling us what they know we believe

and as wrong as they always are.

how to put this in a way you can understand - bearing in mind that there are MILLIONS of people (including scientists; engineers; financiers and even some politicians) who do not BELIEVE in CAGW. If you trouble yourself to read the blogs like WUWT and other assorted 'denialist' sites you would discover a vast range of thoughts - and very little belief. And lots of demands for being shown the SCIENCE behind the hypothesis.

I believe that most people consider the ecofacists to be the ones in denial.

  1. The climate changes
  2. It always has
  3. Man affects the climate
  4. CO2 and other gases stop the earth freezing
  5. CO2 and other gases stop the earth overheating
  6. The atmosphere (and therefore the climate) is a complex system.
  7. If you build a model with parameter x as a key variable; than varying parameter x will change the model as this is what the model is designed to do.
  8. The climate is so complex we do not have even a first order approximation of how it works.

Question we want answered

  1. Where is the original data (raw unadulterated original) ?
  2. Where is the documentation showing what was done to the original raw data to produce the results.
  3. What is the proof of any correlation between the model predictions and reality ? (this should be easy)
  4. Why do the proponents of CAGW not behave as though they understood the logic of their position? (which would be for *them* to stop polluting by withdrawing to the stone age).

Man Affects the Climate : that - like Man affects the earth is indisputable; so is the following observation - the sun affects the climate; but then so do beavers and volcanoes and probably the GCR density. The most important question is by how much. And on this lies all the lies that come out of the CAGW group. WE DON'T KNOW. But it is probably minute ! (Two examples : how much CO2 is released by a single eruption of a medium sized volcano; and how much oil leaks into the sea from NATURAL sources. Check those out and realise just how puny man is).

Good science is done in public - with the data; methodology and reasons behind the conclusions available for all to se and to allow interested scientist the opportunity to recreate the experiment. To hear a scientist objecting to revealing process 'because they will try to refute it' beggars belief and proves that there is NO SCIENCE involved.


And if you really truly believe in CAGW then ACT LIKE YOU DO and cut YOUR personal 'carbon' use by 80% NOW (and what an inane and stupid concept that is) Of course you and your ilk will do nothing of the sort - because deep down you know its a scam and just a political movement.

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