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Welcome to Peace!

Welcome to the site devoted to a new way to create peace, create understanding, and bring humanity into harmony with itself and with nature.

Our inspiration is the Principle of Goodness: the timeless truth of non-aggression and universal care in a modern practical form. It is both incredibly easy and stupendously difficult. Easy because not deliberately hurting the innocent almost happens by default; you have to make an effort to do otherwise, and helping and including everyone is what our finest feelings propel us to try to do. But it is difficult because almost every philosophy and ideology currently in existence tries to make us do otherwise. The two sides of politics crystallise opposition and make the followers of the other side into 'opponents' - even before we know anything about a person. Religions divide the world into believers and non-believers. And the ethical philosophy that rules the modern world, utilitarianism ("the greatest happiness of the greatest number"), gives us intellectual, scholarly reasons to harm some people if more others are benefited. Cleaning the mental closet of all this is not only a major chore, it is painful if we have invested our emotions and our life energies into it.

But we need to think again and we need to get beyond all the mental and emotional junk that clutters our world. This is not a time for business as usual. We face environmental problems (but not the ones most people are thinking of), political problems, social problems, energy problems, threats to our basic freedoms and to the open societies that have done so much for human happiness, economic problems due to the imperfect state of economic theory and to the corruption from vested interests. These and more make the following decades critical to all of us. Let's consider some real 'out of the box' ideas to get back on track!

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